Immanuel is a dynamic Christian missional community living  the Vision of "Growing into Christ". We don’t tell people what that vision means except that it is who we are as a community.  We invite you to ask God what that vision of “Growing into Christ” means to you, and to tell us what you discover in that conversation.

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Immanuel Church - Brookfield


Our purpose statement answers the question of why we are here in this place at this time in history.
Our purpose statement is: We are engaged in a personal and shared life journey driven by life-changing encounters with Jesus that lead us to accept people where they are, and encourage them to find their gifts from God and to go deeper into the vision of "Growing into Christ". We have come to understand that our calling is to bring others with us into developing God's mission here on earth.

Again, we do not presume to tell you what this statement means for you. Rather we invite you to ask God what it means for you and we invite you to let us find a way to connect your life to it.